A couple of things about the life and salary of accountants

Many people have thought and even I have “thought” that way. The old thinking was that accounting was a leisurely job, when I opend the book, I closed the book in the evening, the number of cheeks is a little bit, the end of the month were a little busy. Who doubts reality is not like a dream.


Who said accounting is sitting at the desk?


Having been out of school for more than a year, I moved my company 2-3 times because I could not stand the overwork and pressure that the salary was too low.

When I first applied for a job, I held a young job application with a working experience of a newly graduated bachelor, and I was accepted to work at a travel company in Hanoi. Excited for getting a job without anyone’s help. But the salary I received was 1.5 million VND. I comforted myself, as an opportunity to learn, to gain experience, not to care about my salary, because I have no experience anyway, so I do not dare to ask anything.

My desk is fully equipped. A lovely small table with a new computer, a swivel chair and next to it is a document rack with a couple of notebooks and pens. I thought the job would be interesting. However, during the 3 months of working here, the number of spinning around of chairs would only count on the fingertips, when I could not sit hot enough, I had to stand up to do hundred things.

My manager is a general accountant with 10 years of experience and a dream of each person is nearly 40 million VND / month. She is very gentle and good with the staff. On the first day I went to work, she kindly handed me a new seat, she gently said “If you dont know anything, just ask me.” But for many months, my ideal model only appeared once, quickly hidden like a star in the sky. Every work came to my hands. From warehouse control, record export, import and exist, salary distribution, search for companies to print invoices, print and count bills, until things like making tea, washing dishes for the “big” boss.



In fact, such days are still “happy”. Last month is really a nightmare. I have to synthesize hundreds of books, salaries, print value-added invoices and other papers.

With a monthly salary of VND 1.5 million, I had to work hard to not make any mistakes in the hundreds of thousands of paperwork. Here, doing well without being rewarded but doing wrong will be penalized, deducted from salary.

After the probationary process, the salary was doubled, up to 3 million VND. At this time, I was asked to commit not to give birth in 3 years to work at the company to sign the contract, pay insurance. Have a job is already good, I put the pen without thinking much.

In my accounting room, there are two other employees. They also go to the right disciplines but the situation is not much different from me. Every day, they have to receive hundreds of customer calls, from advice, transactions to problems arising from the contract.

Due to making debt accounting and payment, it is necessary to compare debts with partners regularly so the personal phone numbers of 2 colleagues in the same room become public phone numbers. To them, having to listen to customers complaining, even yelling at them became a meal.

Each month, the financial statements are made and the financial statements are disclosed once. 3 months must work with auditors. 6 months of the Supervisory Board works once. Once a year with the tax authorities. Just like that, the number of reports is increasing. At the end of the month, we had to bring the books home, work all day and night, nodding on the desk like a college exam.

However, we still have to love the profession and stick with the profession. Because if we don’t work as an accountant or leave this job, we don’t know where to apply for a job.

Characteristics of accounting profession is that when getting acquainted with a job in an industry, it is easy to forget about other jobs. It is difficult to switch jobs because most companies require general accounting.

If before, I chose to study Accounting – Auditing because I simply did not know what choice to study in this market economy period. Just like in the old days, the pedagogical profession was the first choice for the Gentiles of the province. But today, choosing accounting profession because it is easier to apply for jobs due to the development of the market economy, businesses grow up like mushrooms.


Living by accounting salary, the whole family starved to death?


This story is the common theme of the people who study accounting for poor coal. Because of that, many accountants have their own tricks to earn extra income or they will often have left-handed jobs to earn a living.

He also attended college with me and is also working as a general accountant for a small and medium company. His work is no different from me, and is full of versatility. Because he is only a small company in the country, the salary he receives is quite low, so he does not have enough to support his family. So my catchphrase and his every time I talk about the profession is “Living with an accountant, but the whole family is starving”.

According to him, there are many ways to make money. For example, provider X wants to pay off debts quickly, they must “give” a few gifts to the accountant so that the accountant can remind the boss to pay the supplier first. And of course, that sum of money he received. Or buy invoices for goods and materials for the company, he will also get a little bit of a commission. He even shared the truth with me that, if I do what my boss wants to do, according to my boss, I might even be rewarded with a whole month’s salary without anyone knowing. Because this is only the boss with accountant know. I heard that, I was trembling, what is the difference between breaking rules? No wonder why people often do not allow bosses and accountants is family members because it is easy to lead to collusion to benefit. Then he confided in me the tricks.That why I see we are the same accountant, and have the same number of years of work experience but he uses the brand stuff, spending money freely without thinking. Looking at me, feeling unhappy with myself in poor accounting destiny. But having disabilities is very easy to startle. He spends the a lot of money, uses the brand stuff, goes to the car, but I know there are still sleepless behind. He always seemed to be afraid because of what he had done wrong. The price to pay for money that doesn’t see the face is many sleepless nights and insecure days. Because just being discovered, the accountant will lose his job, lose his career, even be prosecuted, go to jail.
Reflecting on myself, I involuntarily sighed. When will it be possible to climb the chief accountant’s ladder by the right way?

Although the accounting profession has a salary “very low” really, but with your perseverance and hard work, it will be worth it!