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Introducing Tellme

After seeing the development and the trend of society as well as the lifestyle of the community have changed markedly, naturally in my mind the phrase “hire people” comes out. So all night I was awake and business ideas kept going around my head. “At that time, I understood that this was a new concept, a strange business field and if I implemented it, I would surely encounter many opposing opinions, but I was determined to do it.”

I remember, in the early days of the idea of ​​”people hire service“, everyone thought I was crazy. Family, brothers, friends, nobody supports me. And then, “Hiring people” is a rather strange concept, according to some people’s understanding that it goes against the pure value.



In the early days of service deployment, it faced many difficulties. It is a public opinion that has an unfriendly view, can say that, this is a Sensitive service that an engineer like me should not join. A lot of people at the time said I was not normal and developed a crazy idea of ​​youth. “Every morning, I open my eyes, read the information on the forums – the compliments are few, the people who criticize it are many, indeed, sometimes I thought about giving up.”


The “listener” rental service, born only has the sole purpose of helping lonely people have friends to share. I think “This is a healthy and simple service just to let lonely people fill the gap and they feel happier when there is a friend nearby”, I am determined to do!

First year when deploying the service. When standing in front of lead words extracted from friends and relatives, inevitably feeling depressed. However, I understand that just because of a little initial obstacle, giving up on my goal will not be able to do other things. I decided to set a milestone for one year to test the service. If after this time, public opinion has not changed point of view, the service will die prematurely, I will give up and choose a new step.


But the business results were impressive, after the operation period, the Company had more than 1000 contracts, 2500 recruitment personnel records, we have selected nearly 1800 the best employees across the country to deploy services throughout Vietnam. And I understand that “hiring people” really has a place in the service business. 

The successes and difficulties have passed, recognizing that every customer who comes to hire their services has their own circumstances. Some people want to have a friend to chat with when they are empty and lonely. Then someone wants to find a solid shoulder, to lean on in a suffocating life …


“Each person seems to be looking for services with their own purpose but they all want to find joy in life. It is a legitimate need and I understand that our mission is to overcome gossip to help make life situations more warm! ”.


Everyone has something hard to say, but it’s time to share. Please share with us !


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