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Tell Me - Bar - Pub

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    No need to waste a lot of cumbersome procedures, now with just one touch is will have an appointment immediately

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    Staff are present throughout the central and suburban areas. Be present as soon as you have just booked an appointment

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    The price will be specific in the application, you just feel secure to enjoy without worrying about the costs incurred

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    Tellme commits not to disclose any private information of customers

The Highlights Of Tell Me - Bar - Pub

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Why should you use Tell Me - Bar - Pub

Often if women want to relieve stress, they will go shopping. As for men, they simply need a glass of wine, a person to talk to, listen to their worries and sorrows.

It is not easy to have someone who can listen to you, because most people are busy worrying about their own lives.

Tellme Bar – Pub is a mere service to relieve those who are feeling lonely, empty, want someone to be friends.


Note when using Tellme – Bar – Pub:

Say no to unhealthy services: Modern society, the concept of “People” leasing is no stranger, but many individuals have taken advantage to provide disguised services. Tellme is committed to not providing any form other than “listeners”.

If you have any problem or questions about Tellme – Bar – Pub please contact us now for free advice and answers.

Frequently Asked Questions

If customers want to book an appointment to foreign countries, please contact operator 1900 63.62.92 for specific support.

The time of the appointment will be proposed by the customer and the staff may refuse or approve.

Tellme’s money will be converted to TIM units. (1 TIM = 25,000VND)

The client request application must have the corresponding TIM number for the service you selected. After you complete the service, the application will automatically deduct from your account.

Currently the application can run on iOS 11 and above operating systems, and all Android operating systems