Behavior rules

Behavior Rules

Tellme maintains a Code of Conduct for all Tellme members so that all partners can clearly understand the standards of law compliance, safety, security and services they expect.
Because Tellme maintains a zero tolerance policy, violations can lead to suspension or termination of user access to the Tellme platform.

All Tellme members will agree to fully comply with the following “Code of Conduct”:


  • Members must comply with all laws, regulations, rules, policies, implementation rules and any other guidelines that may be issued by Tellme from time to time.
  • Members agree not to engage in any activity that may cause or lose the credibility of Tellme, or cause disruption to Tellme’s activities, or conspiracy with members or other third parties to perform the above acts.
  • Tellme maintains a zero-tolerance policy for all violations and may lead to suspension or termination of user access to the Tellme platform.
  • Tellme will make every effort to bring more income to its members. Therefore, we need support for PROMOTION jobs. Please respect all PROMOTIONS when receiving notifications. In case of uncertainty, please check with our care team for clarification.
  • Members are strictly prohibited from taking any action with the intent of deceiving or cheating, which may cause damage to Tellme.
  • Members are prohibited from participating in any illegal protests against Tellme, being a member of an unregistered association, inciting other members not to use the Tellme application, boycott or threaten to boycott Tellme application, or any other behavior can be interpreted as counteracting interest in Tellme.


  • Tellme does not accept any drug or stimulant consumption by members while running the Tellme application. This is against the law and seriously violates the Tellme safety policy. If a visitor believes that a member is likely to be affected by drugs or other stimulants, they have the right to end the appointment immediately and alert customer service.
  • Prohibit carrying, hiding or holding weapons in any form.
  • Avoid violent, aggressive acts at all times. With safety and confidentiality, Tellme does not tolerate any form of violence or insult. Members may not exhibit aggressive behavior, including verbal disputes with customers, use vulgar words or imply or carry out threats or attacks with customers. In case the situation is out of control, emergency management must be notified (such as “Harassing” or threatening, even if the appointment is still in progress or has ended). Always choose case report for Tellme as soon as possible. We look forward to serving all parties optimally and with appropriate solutions.
  • Members are strictly prohibited from conducting any sexual offenses, including making obscene comments / texts, sexual harassment, unwanted physical contact, illegal restrictions, drugged, harassed and raped. These are criminal violations under the law and serious violations of the Tellme safety policy. Offenders will be prosecuted against the law.
  • Prohibit acts of prostitution, agency prostitution, trafficking in banned substances, prohibited goods. Violating minor mistakes will impose administrative and heavy penalties, prosecute before law and notify the entire Tellme system and human resource recruitment channels PG nationwide.
  • Members must meet reasonable requests from customers such as stopping using the phone when an appointment is taking place.
  • In the event that the customer forgets the item at the appointed location that you picked up, request to return it to the emergency customer, or it can be through the Tellme Customer Service.
  • Respect any program that the customer has placed. This is very important in building trust with customers and encouraging customers to use Tellme more. Many customers mean more jobs for Tellme in general.
  • Once accepted, the program cannot transfer jobs to other members. In case you are unable to meet the customer due to unexpected arrival, please call the customer immediately before canceling the appointment.
  • The members have the right not to receive the program when the app is notified, but if you have received the program, it will not be canceled, because it will discredit the company. Otherwise, the TIM will be deducted as prescribed.
  • If you’re waiting for customers at the meeting place. Do not leave to do personal work when guests have not arrived. There must be consensus from the customer or cancel the appointment if an emergency occurs.
  • All members cannot refuse to communicate based on race, religion, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, gender, marital status, gender, age or any other features protected by law.. This type of behavior may result in termination of user access to the Tellme application. It is disrespectful to make offensive or discriminatory remarks about a person or a group, whether or not the customer belongs to that group or not.
  • Absolutely not arbitrarily contact customers after the service but not reported to the company.
  • Absolutely not ask for more money from customers.
  • When working, check in, check out information via the app so that the company can understand the situation and can support members in urgent cases.
  • If the members do not comply with the signed labor contract, they must take responsibility before the law if any dispute or damage occurs, the company is not responsible for what the employee does outside the contract regulations.
  • Working on time is always someone who comes 10 minutes ahead of the appointment, to getting ready for work.
  • Do not use your phone to work separately during your work, please turn off the device or leave it silent. (Except for emergencies that may contact the company)
  • Wear clothes that fit with your program.
  • Prohibition of private programming with customers not through Tellme. The company will not be responsible for any consequences and problems caused by the members, customers.
  • Do not suggest similar applications to other Tellme platforms for customers.
  • If members deliberately mislead the company / customer or dishonestly during the working process, they will be fined 10 million VND on 1 case and forced to resign and publicly discipline on the entire Fanpage, performed PG forum, company website and emailed to all customers. This means that the commitment to protecting personal information in the contract is no longer valid.
  • Customers will appreciate someone who is really enthusiastic to interact with them. They will not hesitate to book more appointments with you. That means you will be able to increase your income. Therefore, you must not let personal matters affect your work.
  • Just press the ‘Start’ button AFTER both parties arrived at the rendezvous.


  • Transfer emergency information to Tellme promptly. We want help in every issue.
  • If at any time you feel that you are facing a situation that needs immediate resolution, please call the emergency number immediately. When all parties are safe and the situation has been handled by the authorities, please notify Tellme. We will support and take appropriate action when necessary, including cooperation with law enforcement.


  • At Tellme, we continually improve our standards. Improve quality serving.
  • Tellme members are required to attend training sessions arranged by Tellme or their management unless emergency or for other unavoidable reasons. In such situations, it can be replaced one day later.

All members are required to acknowledge and declare that I have a full understanding of all of the terms stated in the Tellme’s “Code of Conduct” and are responsible before the law.

In addition, Members shall understand and agree that: Tellme has the right to take such appropriate action against its members, including suspending or terminating access to the Tellme application, in the event of a violation. any provision of the Code of Conduct.

Suggestions or ideas? Feedback to us at – we look forward to hearing from you.


Update the Final Code of Conduct on December 20, 2018