The sentimental story about the protection profession of an inspector

Every year I often have the opportunity to check the protection goals nationwide. In my free time, I often confide in security guards, it is true that no one looks like anyone else. Entering a profession each person looks like a person, because of the money to ensure life for family and people, because of the pleasure of learning more about a profession in the jobs that they have experienced, people are not for money, not for pleasure just want to stay away from everyday desires, so go to the guard. People do not forget the old jobs they did as (soldiers, police) when go home feel sad and recall wanting to work as guards because it has similarities with their work … Very very Many reasons to work as a security guard.

I went to check the protection target at a building in Hanoi, saw a very young employee looking at the nameplate, I knew he was named Binh. I asked him :

– How long have you been here?

He answered :

– I have been working for several days. I am 18 years old this year in Phu Tho, I just finished high school graduation, while waiting for the results of the exam, I would like to come here to be a guard.

I asked him :

– How did you know there was hiring security guards in here that you requested to come in? 

He answered :

I saw recruitment information online.

I asked again :

– If tomorrow you pass the University, what would you do?

He replied :

– The previous day I interviewed, I also had that problem with the recruitment department of the company, if I passed the university, I would ask for permission to go to school and if I didn’t pass then I would continue to do guard. After graduation, I want to go to Hanoi, to experience life in the city. Tomorrow if I passed the university entrance exam, going to Hanoi to study, I would not be surprised, on the other hand I want to earn a little more money to help my parents.

So that’s the only desire to work as a guard. Why don’t we give him a chance, even though he only asked to work for a few months, a humane desire.



In other cases I went to check out a branch of a bank in Hai Phong, I met a security guard named Pham Van Oanh, he was very tall with a full facial expression of about 50 years old, he must dressed in number 7. He stood at the entrance of the trading room open to the guests. I went to the business office occasionally to glance out the door, saw the posture open and he was very solemn, nodding and greeting the customer very calmly. After I got out and told him, I asked him :

How long have you been here?

He replied :

– I had only been working for 3 months. 

I didn’t ask any more, but he said immediately, that was exactly a military style.

– It is no secret that I am a senior officer of the retired army, under the law, the 57-year-old Colonel is on leave. I came home a few months ago and was so sad at home, my money was not little, my children were grown up, I didn’t have to worry about anything, but honestly, I still couldn’t forget the working style in the army. Every day I left the military uniform, it felt like something was missing and if I wear it, how strange it was, I was retired anyway. Doing this, it had time, carrying a serious military uniform was no different from the military, I still felt that I was still serving in the army so I was very happy. At the end of my shift, I went home to be happy with my small family and my grandchildren to felt comfortable and felt my age getting younger. To be honest with you, in the air defense unit I often had to stay at the unit, because my unit was a standing combat unit. I had 2 soldiers (public service) serving from morning to night, when going to sleep, there were people covering the curtain and some people brought water to wash my face when woke up, made tea, folded the curtain, when changed clothes, there was people to washed , drying must be flat and folded, hanging properly. At the meal, had someone took the rice and presented it to the table. If I practiced sports, had to prepare warm water, clothes available for me to bathe… In short, most of the movements from the smallest thing, I also had servants. This is the military’s rule for senior Command officers like me. So now I come here to work as a security guard, open the door and invite guests to come in with a salary of less than 4 million VND, but I still feel happy and love it.

I asked him :

– If you are happy like that, when will you quit ?

He smiled softly and said : 

– When you guys give me a break, I quit. I’m still healthy, and my mind is still working.

That is, when people work with passion, they don’t need to care about how they used to be and how many are their salary, being able to go work is already a happiness. I shook hands and said goodbye with a very happy mood, it was true that none of the cases were the same.



Another case when I went to work in Ho Chi Minh City, when I went down to check a target, I also met Colonel Ph.D Deputy Division Head of Air Force Division (home outside northern Ninh Binh province). He studied in Russia for 7 years and then returned to Russia to do his PhD thesis. Meeting me, he talked cheerfully. He also knew that I had served in the army for many years, so he talked very freely. Actually, I actively met him because before I got down to the target, I had found his file. I admire him, his position, degree, he has all but he still works guard in the city with the salary more than 4 million.

He confided to me :

– I actually went to work like this to avoid friends. I knew that I had retired and had nothing to do, all day friends gathered together to drink alcohol. In the army, you know, as the Commander like me, what day that I have not drink. But now at this age, if don’t keep healthy, how long I can live. Well, I work as a security guard, the purpose is only that, from the day I went to work to be guard so many time, now that I felt better, it was helpful for society.

How many stories, with thousands of employees, tell us when it will be over? That’s it, guarding has a lot to say and debate. If anyone does not understand, do not know to read these lines to understand more about the protection profession. And if facing a choice, the job of protection is a career worthy of your choice.