The story of a real estate broker as floor director at age 23

Real estate brokerage industry has no continuous and stable transactions. In the first 3 months, Hanh seemed to want to quit her job because there was no transaction. By the 4th month, a fastidious customer who had not suffered “down the pile” despite being consulted twice, suddenly called Hanh to sign a contract on a rainy night …

Born in 1995, Hoang Thi Hanh is currently a Director of a real estate (real estate) floor in Thanh Hoa City and has outstanding marks in the field of real estate consulting, brokerage and training, and implementing many projects. large in the high-end segment, resorts in the region.


From employees who want to “quit” become Real Estate Director


Graduating from a high-school in medical school in October 2016, Hanh was charmed with her real estate brokerage career in March 2017 from an introduction of her best friend. This profession attracted the girl of the Year of the Pig by high income, a dynamic environment and a leverage for her to pursue her ambition to succeed before the age of 25.
Starting a job as a salesperson, Hanh shared: the first 3 months is an extremely difficult time, seemingly wanting to quit because there is no transaction. By the 4th month, the work was a bit more positive.

There were times when customers invited dinner at 7 o’clock. During the meal, they invited a lot of wine and acted a bit indecent …

There is a pretty difficult customer who has to call a lot of times to get a face-to-face meeting. After the first meeting, the guest spoke to think more. After that, Hanh continued to call for advice. Knowing this is an investor, their interest is the profit in the project we sell, Hanh pays attention to advise new projects, good location, high profitability.

“Although I was refused to speak on the phone many times, but perhaps my sincere attitude has gradually convinced customers to buy. At the time of meeting the second counselor, the guests have an intention to invest but still have not suffered pile “at this time”.

After about 7 days, the customer took the initiative to call me and decided to sign a deposit on a rainy night. I and a partner went over 20km in the night by motorbike to receive a contract. At that time, happiness broke out because of the effort I paid, and now this person has become my close investment customer, “Hanh shared. It was Hanh’s first customer to succeed, with a commission of nearly VND 100 million.


[Chuyện nghề] Tâm sự của một môi giới BĐS: Ngày gọi 400 cuộc điện thoại, 3 tháng đầu muốn bỏ nghề vì không có giao dịch, giờ thu nhập tới 200 triệu đồng/tháng, làm giám đốc sàn ở tuổi 23 - Ảnh 2.


When I successfully latched on the first transaction, things seemed easier. Every day, experience and skills to lock up appointments with guests are raised a bit. Hanh’s mood is also fun, economic is better to continue with the profession.

After 6 months of effective work, reaching 10-12 transactions / month, Hanh was reminded by the Board of Directors to become the Director of the floor, managing a team of more than 30 sales staff when he was just 23 years old.


The secret of having a place in the profession: Do not sell real estate products that are harmful to customers


Hanh’s professional secret is “not to sell real estate products that are harmful to customers”, prestige must be placed first. Specifically, for unknown products, customers will not buy. Customers have to consult right, do not do everything, all prices to sell products are not good.

“The broker himself must always place his position on the buyer because they are like I always want to look for products that are” clean, beautiful, highly profitable, “Hanh said.

With this mindset, even though I only came to the profession for more than a year, the 23-year-old girl has had an impressive amount of friendly clients, some of whom gave her tens of billions of VND for transactions when she attended. New projects the company opened for sale.


Telesales is the most effective, calling every day for 300-400 guests


According to Hanh, in this profession, there are many ways to reach customers such as distributing leaflets, posting information through social networking sites, running media … but the most favorite way is still Telesales (method of selling electricity through electricity. phone). Before every new project needs to find customers, Hanh calls 300-400 customers every day.

In this way, Hanh can actively share, information about products of the business will be awarded “at the ear” of customers. Since then, if sensitive, a broker will know the needs and capabilities of customers to buy, how to provide the most suitable consulting method.

According to this young girl, no matter how advising, the right information, sincere attitude largely determines the ability to connect the broker to the buyer. This is also the method to help Hanh get many transactions during the month.


Divide money into 3 jars: 40% of income for communication and customer care

[Chuyện nghề] Tâm sự của một môi giới BĐS: Ngày gọi 400 cuộc điện thoại, 3 tháng đầu muốn bỏ nghề vì không có giao dịch, giờ thu nhập tới 200 triệu đồng/tháng, làm giám đốc sàn ở tuổi 23 - Ảnh 4.

Thinking back to the beginning of the career, Hanh contemplated: “In essence, this profession is intermittent, stable trading by month. Month is okay, month is not, offset each other. In the first 3 months, I only got a basic salary of 5 million VND per month ”.

“After the first transaction, if divided evenly between months (offset by the middle of the month is not months), the average income will be from 20-40 million VND / month. Since I know her a lot, the project has just started, from September 2017 until now, my income has reached 100-200 million VND / month.

Hanh said that with the above income, she would spend about 10% on communication costs, 30% for customer reception and other relationships.


No less difficult but must go to the end!


“Every career will be promoted and deep, but if you love your job, your job will love you too. Standing on the edge of being a real estate consultant, I find this a high-income career, but difficult and temptation is also very many, every day to work more than 12 hours, must practice skills to receive and impart information quickly and accurately, “Hanh shared.

As a high-income occupation, it is a part of women, every time you trade with customers, there are potential dangers. There are some customers who are not polite, or not serious in words and actions.

Hanh said: “There were times when customers invited dinner at 7 o’clock. During the meal, they invited a lot of wine and acted a bit indecent. However, with professional skills, I refused to be clever and asked to go first. In order to ensure safety for myself and still keep a certain respect for customers, because for me, selling goods is good, but not selling at all costs.

This petite girl said that, if pursuing a career seriously, hard to learn, plus sincerity with customers, it will soon succeed at a very young age. In the profession, I should find a good partner, to support each other in work. Good associates must first trust each other, work together, be the one who love career.

Thanks to pursuing passion in earnest, earning income from the profession, Hoang Thi Hanh has just opened a small teahouse in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City, both a place of business and a gathering place, meeting, exchanging and sharing experiences of brothers and sisters in real estate.