The story of an actor ‘not famous’

My friend and I sat down to drink coffee by the road, it was as sunny as a fire, and the smoke from the motorbikes swept by. We are a student who has graduated from film theater for a year, anyway, must be careful about the outside appearance.. Talking all the people in the showbiz, criticizing this person and complimenting the other person, who is a lip-sync singer, the actor went up by pairing with the manager, the girl A studied with the same course to close two or three films, so she doesn’t look at each other.

A lot of things in the industry for us to argue with, debating their shortcomings, the bad, the ugly and the sinister heart of the showbiz people. Saying it for a while, I feel ashamed of the words that reproach people, actually to justify my own incompetence.

Either way, they were known and popular by the public, and we were just sitting on the sidewalk drinking iced tea, absorbing dust and smoke, with some public shoulders.

The two of them silently said nothing more, everyone kept in their minds and the next road would go, but that road certainly did not have a colleague sitting next to me right now. It is not that we hate each other, envy or criticize our friends, there is something that cannot be verbalized, almost like an existent face between us.

After that day we hardly met, we actually went our own way …

There was no show, the room rent increased and I almost ate instant noodles all the time, with a luxurious look.



Encourage myself that there are famous brothers and sisters who have overcome it, they come up with real talent and they have been like me.

I locked myself in the room in the heart of Saigon against hunger and waiting for the show, hoping for a good career, but if there was a show, I didn’t know where to get the money to fill up the gas. Call home to hear my mother crying. She said: “Learning what you do not study, go to school with a bad job, take a famous career, what a career does not anything in society. At that time, if you heard my words, you wouldn’t be suffering now?

I hurriedly hung up the phone when she didn’t finish the sentence, I’d rather starve than let her touch my pride in my career. The image of anger, disappointment, and words of my mother were deeply embedded in my heart. Angina.

Walking away early in the morning to the bus station to receive money under the countryside, holding money in hand, the feeling of self-pity in my head made me plop down like a child wanting to find his way home. Did I choose the wrong way? I can’t afford to buy a package of instant noodles, if I continue to go, is it safe? Will I be famous? Besides art, I don’t know what to do?

Friends from high school, now things have a stable job, there is a married person, a student who has now abandoned the showbiz playground for a long time, only a few people are running to earn a living. Suddenly remembering the time when students were excited and passionate in the future, we were young people who considered art as life plastic, which is our future career. But now …

Later, I applied for a bar, quit acting, and stopped following. The bar environment is not as complicated as I thought, the monthly tip gives me a more comfortable life, but this is never my wish.

I lived with this job for eight months, and then I quietly left this job without thinking, it seemed like I never gave up my passion when night came …

I joined the dance company, the charity association to perform pagodas and clubs of Amateur Music. If I go to acting, I can find myself. Just being on stage, performing and having an audience, what is that stage, it is still a “cathedral”. The times I followed the artists performing in the province, my heart gave rise to happiness that was hard to describe. Standing in the chicken wing, I hid my emotions when I secretly looked at them singing, they sang beautifully, sang with all their hearts. And they are so beautiful …!

Who knows what an artist’s real life is like.

Being cast as a minor in a short excerpt, speaking two or three sentences and singing a chorus of six children, I was happy to not eat or drink until the next day. Then when it was late in the morning, the ancient melodies were only echoes in the subconscious, the stage where we acted became a mess. Sit under the stage looking up, garbage, plastic wrap, plastic cups and dust to let the wind “push”.

I could not hold back my tears, when I saw that my brother and sister took care of things, prepared to leave, with “cake tét” packages and guava that the audience sent. I kept crying constantly, seeing how childish I was …! Ms. Hai came to sit next to me, then looked up on the stage “now it is so but when the light is on and the audience is it, it is heaven, even though the stage is temporarily tear by cloth”. She hugged me in her arms, and the sisters looked in the same direction.